SRES - Senior Real Estate Specialist - Hire one!

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When you see the SRES designation beside a real estate agents name, do you ever wonder what they means?  SRES, is a specially trained real estate agent who has taken the necessary continuing education courses needed to become a Senior Real Estate Specialist.  The SRES Council of trains realtors to meet the special needs of maturing Americans when selling, buying, relocating or refinancing residential investment properties.  Being an SRES,  I help my clients who are making life changing decisions with the best options and information.

I help senior understand the generational demographics of areas of Pittsburgh and discuss the myths and realities of aging and "down sizing".  I help Baby Boomers who are changing into their retirement life style with marketing strategies and advise them to make sure they discus the implication of tax laws, probate and estate planning with an attorney.  We have monthly newsletters that I can share to target home buyers and sellers within the Pittsburgh market.

If you would like additional information, please either email me at:  or please call my cell phone at:  412-445-6264.  It would be m y pleasure to help you down size to the life style you are looking for in today's real estate market.  Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.