Sell Your Home By The End Of The Year!!

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Real Estate

Want to sell your home by the end of the are a few suggestions:

In today's real estate market in Pittsburgh we need listings!  There are fewer homes on the market currently then there have been this past Spring and Summer months.  For those buyers who are serious buyers, they will want to buy and move-in before the holidays.  With the seasonably warm weather we are having, the buyers are out there looking at your home and mine! 

These buyers are are more driven, serious and should be pre-qualified by a reputable mortgage lender. 

Regardless of the time of year make sure your home is:

1.  Decluttered

2.  Clean

3. Power wash your walkways, and siding and make sure your windows sparkle!

4. Add some fresh plants to your home, just a few or place fresh flowers on the day of open house

5.  Decorating for the holidays can be a "turn off" to buyers.  The saying is "less is more" is always true when selling a home.  The buyer wants to see your home, not your lovely decorations, they have their own belongings/decorations to bring.

Do not put off listing your home or buying a home!  Do it now.  There are buyers always out there looking!  The mortgage rates are between 3.5 and 3.85!  So NOW is the TIME to BUY and SELL!

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