Risk of Home Improvement Scams

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Summer is here and so are the phone calls from Home Improvement companies trying to come and give you a quote for a "home improvement" project for your home.   According to the Better Business Bureau's Risk Index there is an average $1,400 per customer of the home improvement scams from shady contractors, painters and other repairmen according to the BBB's analysis.

Here are a few tips on avoiding becoming the latest victim of a home improvement scam:

1.  Verify the contractor's license, insurance and at least three references.  Don't be afraid to be upfront and ask for this valuable information.

2.  Ensure that the contractor is an active member of a reputable industry organization.   Such as contractors affiliated with the National Association of the Remodeling or the National Kitchen and Bath Association are more trustworthy professionals. 

3.  Check the contractor's reputation online.  Does this contractor have a good website and are they active on social media?  Have you talked to anyone who has used this contractor? Personal references are very helpful. The contractors who are scammers usually want to "disappear" and leave no trace of their name or business on line or anywhere else.

Good luck with your Summer Home Improvement projects.  Coldwell Banker has a Concierge List of contractors that we can give our clients.  If you want to know who those contractors are, give me a call or send me an email.  Lynn Dempsey, Realtor, Coldwell Banker, 412-445-6264 or lynn.dempsey@pittsburghmoves.com