Questions to ask a lender during your home search

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Questions to ask a Lender during your home search process

Important aspects to consider when searching for a home loan include the loan terms, rates and products that mortgage companies offer.  These

products can vary significantly from one company to another.  When shopping around, here are a few questions you might ask.

General Questions

What are the most popular mortgages you offer and why are they poplar? 

Are your rates terms, fees and closing costs negotiable?

Do you offer discounts for inspections, home ownership classes or automatic set-up?

What are your escrow requirements? 

Will you match other competitors (mortgage companies) rates and terms?

What is the difference between the FHA, PHFA, Conventional and VA loans? Which loan is best for me?

Will my credit scores affect my mortgage rates?

If you can get answers to these questions and others that I can discuss with your home search process, you will be better prepared at the closing and be able to understand the overall costs associated with a home mortgage.

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Happy Home Shopping!  I look forward to working with you whether you are selling your home or buying a home!