Boost your home curb appeal this Fall!

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Sellers are always looking for the best way to improve the curb appeal of their homes...improve the look of your home with each season.  Once the Summer flowers have faded and the temperatures start to drop, look for other ways to enhance your entrance...FALL SEASON IS HERE!

1. Improve your Entry way.  Make the first impression last!  Clean your front door, sweep your front steps, get rid of all of those cobwebs and improve the over look of your home by maximizing the house with:  1.  buy a new door mat, 2.  check your light fixtures - are all lights working & do they have bright enough bulbs (as it is getting darker earlier). 3.  But beautiful Fall mums at your local grocery store or check out your local farmers markets, as there are plenty around! Beautiful colors!

2. Do you need new light fixtures by your entrance way?  Something relatively inexpensive can have a huge impact on the front door entrance way! Clean your front windows and your front door.  If you have a walk way, put some solar lights along the boarder of your garden or walk way to illuminate your yard at night! Not only will your house look good in the day, but also at night!

3.  Your landscape can say so much about your home even before the buyer enters into it! Keeping your yard in "tip-top shape", with your mulch beds looking impressive. Once those leaves start to fall, be sure to rake them ASAP.  Your grass will still stay green and will look beautiful against the Fall mums and other Fall flowers you have enhanced your front porch!

4.  Check your downspouts and gutters, make sure that they are clean too, as you do not want any excess water to "pool" where it may be a distraction from the "Look" you are trying to portray!

5. Do not over do it!  Too many of anything can make it look cluttered...too many Halloween Decorations, too many flowering mums.  It is a good idea to ask a good friend, their "honest" opinion of what your entrance way looks like...or ask your Realtor.  They will help you.

To help decorate your front doorway/entrance way for this Fall Season, give me a call!  I have lots of ideas and places where to get Fall decorating Mums and other beautiful items to make your home a showcase.

Thank you,  Lynn  You can call or email me!  HAVE A GREAT FALL DAY!